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Location: Dinkelweg, Hoorn, Holland, Size: 200x20 meters

Tamar Frank

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There’s too much shit going on and I wish I had someone to talk to but every time I confide in someone they always use that information against me. I can’t trust anyone anymore.
I hate you all.


Rosanna Jones

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I knew you were into chicks

I’ve always been into chicks and dudes. I don’t try to even hide my sexuality. You’re fucking stupid for barely realizing this.

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Just give the first letter of this guy you like so we can know something

What if it’s not a guy?

Says the girl reblogging sexual pictures. We know you touch yourself at night!!!!!!

Who cares? Pictures are just pictures. Stop tryna over analyze my blog.

Last time you played with yourself? It's late okay

Masturbation is a sin. Praise Jesus, amen

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Upside Down or Petrine Cross