William Lalonde

February, 2013

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Hans Bellmer - La Sainte

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Good morning

I love how the dew drops on the window race eachother to the other side

I respect someone that respects me when I’m not around.

Lol this guy was slut shamming on twitter and I called him out and made him look so foolish that he tried to pull the “oh my cousin typed that on my phone” shit


But like

Where is that new modest mouse album though

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Being single is cool bc I can flirt with all the cute people who aren’t interested in me and I can try to go on dates with people who didn’t ask me on one

Hand-picked flowers are the best.
Like don’t just go to the grocery store to get someone flowers, go pick them yourself and wrap them in their favorite newspaper comics.
It might just be me, but I think that’s the greatest thing you can do to show someone you care.

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San Francisco, early morning, June.

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Upside Down or Petrine Cross